Apple Tree leaf spots/Apple Drop

Asked June 10, 2018, 2:05 PM EDT

Could you tell me what my Apple Trees have? I’ve notice quite a few dime to nickle sized apples dropping lately as well. I’ll also send pics of a peach tree as well having issues to see if it’s relared. Thank you so much

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Fruit drop can be due to poor pollination, natural thinning, larvae of various insect pests, etc. At this point cut open the fruit and look for insect damage.

The apples looks like they were subject to several diseases such as frog eye leaf spot or black rot and scab. Some varieties are more susceptible than others. See our website on apple diseases

Tree fruits can be a challenge to grow for the average homeowner. Apples and peaches tend to have several pest and disease problems and they need to be on a strict spray schedule. You will have to educate yourself on preventing and managing the most serious disease and pest problems. For general information see our website on pome fruit

and the Va Tech spray schedule