establishing new flower gardens

Asked June 10, 2018, 1:54 PM EDT

I recently moved to a property in Saint Paul that had no pre-existing gardens. I'd like to grow a mix of perennials and annuals in the north-facing front yard which is partially shaded by mature trees. I see very few gardens on this block (on either the north or south facing properties) that can give me many clues about what will grow here. Container gardens, hardy perennials (like day lillies), and hostas are the only clues I have. Any recommendations for first steps? A soil test will give me some information about necessary augmentations, but that's only part of the puzzle.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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A soil test is a great first step. Then calculate the amount of sun per day, including early morning and late afternoon. This will give information on whether you need plants adapted to partial or total shade. Moisture can be an issue as well. See the following websites for information on shade plants. 1. 2.