Round up drift

Asked June 9, 2018, 9:06 PM EDT

The fields adjacent to my property were recently sprayed, I'm assuming it was glyphosate because of the damage to my vegetable plants. It was a very windy day when they sprayed. I grow organic seeds and start them myself starting in February. I don't know what is safe in my garden. I have garlic that was planted last fall, onions ,blueberry bushes, perennial herbs in addition to my annual plants of beans, corn, tomatoes and many more types of vegetables . What recourse do I have, this is a huge loss. Any information would greatly appreciated I can be reached at 517 388 2918, my name is Jami Opalek

Jackson County Michigan

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There are many types of herbicides that can be used on a field. You would need to know for certain what was sprayed to provide to know how long it persists, how soon crops can be replanted. The state agency that is responsible for problems with commercial pesticide applications is the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. They can investigate a problem with a pesticide application. They can be contacted at: 1 800 292-3939

If you are going to have a lab test for an unknown herbicide it is very costly. You would have to contact a private Analytical Lab either online or through the yellow pages. Contacting the Dept. of Agriculture brings in the folks that are the regulatory agency for pesticide use. They can determine through records what was sprayed and through that help to determine how long a particular pesticide remains in the environment. Some have a short time span. It needs to start with their investigation while materials are fresh.