Nitidulid beetles on Pin Oak

Asked June 9, 2018, 9:03 PM EDT

Hello, I discovered some Nitidulid beetles on a 15 year old pin-oak this evening. I want to prevent the pin oak from becoming infected with Oak Wilt. There are many young Oak trees in the area that I am using for landscaping purposes, and I want to tackle this quickly as it seems that the borers have done little damage to the Pin Oak yet.

There are some open wounds from pruning over the previous winter that may be attracting the borers. I understand that there are few options to fight the borer, but I am planing on painting the base of the tree in a white-latex paint to reduce insect damage. Do you have any tips or recommendations?

Bradford County Pennsylvania

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Here is a link to a Penn State fact sheet on oak wilt. It has an infection map showing which counties are at risk. Oak wilt is spread by several insects and by people. I recommend you check with your county service forester to see if it is in your county. Here is information about the service forester for Bradford County.
Chad Gadsby (570) 946-4049

Texas is heavily infested with oak wilt, and the extension has published a diagnostic and maintenance fact sheet that may be helpful. Here is the link.