Shade plants for basket

Asked June 9, 2018, 6:33 PM EDT

I want to make my own hanging basket for our deck- it’s part sun part shade (about 5 hours of indirect afternoon sun). I’d like something that has a lot of color, blooms for a long time, and maybe this is not possible- but perhaps something I could just plant once and it would survive the winter. Hardy would be great. Any recommendations? I’m also thinking about making some railing planters - and would like some recommendations for container plants with the same light conditions. Thanks!

Washington County Oregon

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Combine one or several “spillers” (cascades over the side) with a “thriller” (an eye-catching upright). You’ll find examples of seasonal plants for shade here -

“Planting Baskets and Containers” succinctly describes the how-to, including maintenance:

Now, all you need do is go shopping. Have fun!