Blue Lake heirloom bush beans insects?

Asked June 9, 2018, 6:13 PM EDT

Growing beans from seed this year and something is eating my seedlings. I don’t see any bugs on the underside of the leaves but something is doing some damage. One or two even show signs of the stems being eaten. Maybe slugs? I see no evidence of slug slime but it’s been so hot I’ve been watering quite a bit. Any idea on what it might be and suggestions for an organic “pesticide” to try? As my other seedlings (cucumber, delicata squash, tomatoes) are coming up, I’m concerned that they will move over to those too.

Denver County Colorado

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There are a number of things that could be doing this but if you are not seeing any bug or insects it could be rabbits, or slugs but if you haven't seen the trail then it could be earwigs. Try putting out some diatomaceous earth. It is a power and is a natural product that kills earwigs and slugs. this had been a banner year for rabbits so watch for them- they are going after plants that have a higher water content and you may have to cover them with netting.

Thank you for the reply. I couldn’t find the DE so i tried Captain Jack’s Deadbug (based on the recommendation of the organic gardener at O’Toole’s). That seemed to work pretty well and I saw some new growth on my plants. Tonight I went out to water and saw Roly-Polie’s crawling all over them - with some new holes in some of those new beautiful leaves. So, now I know what’s doing it. Some internet searches are telling me to water in the morning and there are some recommendations to try some beer traps using tuna cans. I’m going to try both of those as well as look again for the DE. Thank you!