Mission fig tree loss???

Asked June 9, 2018, 4:29 PM EDT

I have a lovely mission fig tree, about 4 years in the earth, 10" high and 8" wide. This spring the branches are bare with no buds. The base has lots of healthy great sprouts. How should I trim the branches to encourage growth? I have yet to have a fig and this winter the tree was too large to warp in burlap. Please advise. TY, C

Baltimore County Maryland

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The healthy growth at the base of the tree is a good sign! It sounds like you might have lost some taller branches due to cold injury in the winter. You can scratch away a bit of the outer bark of the branches to see if there is any green tissue underneath. If you see green, the branch is still alive. If there is no green, the branch is dead and you can cut it down to the ground. You can see this demonstrated in this brief video: https://youtu.be/gAr6PcJEtBE