Where is the proper spot to deadhead a penta?

Asked June 9, 2018, 2:43 PM EDT

I have seen lots of discussions about "deadheading pentas....necessary or not." But, assuming that you wish to deadhead a spent penta bloom......where do you pinch off the spent bloom? Do you snip it immediately behind the spent bloom? Or, do you follow the stem to the next lowest union and snip there? Input appreciated.

Jefferson Parish Louisiana horticulture

2 Responses

For any flowers, deadheading is not entirely necessary. But you probably will get more or better blooms if you do. (but no seeds, of course)
If you choose to deadhead, I suggest going to the next lowest union. No big deal if you pinch right behind the flower if that's easier for you.

Thanks ever so much for a prompt and pointed response. It is amazing how the clarity of internet info is often so elusive in terms of specifics. Much appreciated.
Jack Blanke
Metairie, LA