Dealing with what I think i thinknis soil compaction

Asked June 9, 2018, 12:24 PM EDT

I think my soil is overly compacted...I think I tilled it too much and after it was too wet. I did add about 2 inches compost but again, tilled it in. Now I know! Early plantings not doing well...not growing much and looking weak/yellow/brown. For my tomatow plants I am going to add for each planting site a mix of 50:50 purchased garden soil (not the moisture control stuff, just the plain stuff):Leafgrow. I will mix this combo 50:50 with existing soil (i.e. 25:25:50 bought soil:Leafgrow:existing soil. In addition I am adding 1/4 limestone to each plant hole. This will be done today. It is after the fact, I know, since by the timw your read this I will already be done, but... want to know if this was too aggressive on my part?? As in, I "overfertilized"? Thia garden was created from.former farmland, that has been tilled and gardened since 2008.

Harford County Maryland

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Your plan sounds solid. We assume that the purchased garden soil is a soilless growing media (potting soil with composted bark and other ingredients). Hopefully, crop roots will be able to penetrate the compacted soil. jt