Sick Cherry tree

Asked June 8, 2018, 12:47 PM EDT

I have a 4 year old cherry tree that the leaves are withering and dying. No sign of sappy cankers. Have sprayed with soap and water and a fungicide which did not help. Any thoughts from anybody?

Eaton County Michigan

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Well the fact that all the leaves on the one lower branch died is a bad sign.
I do not think there is anything you can do.
The one withered and dead branch makes me think of bacterial canker.
since it happened this year in the cool wet weather you might not see oozing yet.
Worse yet it could be Phytophthora.
I cannot see the base of the tree in the photo. Does it sit in a hole. We got a lot of water last fall and this spring the the root root fungus needs free water for the spores to swim to the roots.
Finally, it might just be that the hot weather was too much for the tree which had just put out a full compliment of leaves but had not needed much of a root system until it was 90 and just could not suck enough water out of the root system.
However I did my PhD research on cherries and that tree has a dead root system and you should look below ground to find the cause.