Fig tree help please

Asked June 8, 2018, 12:44 PM EDT

Hello, We have a usually beautiful, bountiful fig tree. However, this year, I think because of the damp conditions and (maybe too) severe pruning, it's got a boo. (We have a toddler who loves the tree!) Fungus on the branches, bark peeled off, and branches are internally black. What can we do to save it? Thank you.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Figs are not hardy above ground during most winters. They need protection. Your fig has died back to the ground, probably because of the low temperatures this winter, but the roots survived, which is why it is putting out new growth. Many figs died back in Maryland as a result of last winter.

Cut off all the dead branches. The fungus you see on the branches did not kill them. The fungus is simply trying to decompose them.

Read through our fig webpage carefully: In the future, you should take steps to protect this fig over the winter.