Lilac declining health

Asked June 8, 2018, 12:20 PM EDT

This has been a healthy lilac grove It has been on the property for over 30 years Recently pruned,about two weeks ago and this one clump seems to be suffering. The rest of the group's seem just fine. Noticed this clump today and it has a powdery look and some wilting Some of the leaves have curled and noticed this insect. What is it And what do we do Can we save this Or best to remove to prevent spreading Thank you!

Harford County Maryland

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The insect looks like a katydid and is not causing damage.
The leaves on the lilac looks like they have been affected by powdery mildew and bacterial blight. The old fashioned Lilacs can be susceptible to these fungal and bacterial diseases which can be common in the spring during rainy wet weather and warm days followed by cool humid nights. Here is more information on on our website

Control begins by selecting powdery mildew resistant varieties. There are different species of lilacs and the reblooming lilacs (Bloomerang series) that are resistant. Make sure the plants are in full sun with adequate air circulation to reduce humidity levels. Pruning for better air circulation may help.