Planting Potatoes

Asked June 7, 2018, 7:23 PM EDT

why did my potato cuttings fail to germinate? They were Red Pontiac, and were planted around april 15. my location is in Mc Kinley near myrtle point. I planted in my garden and in my greenhouse. they rotted in the soil which was only modestly moist and had an acidic ph. after replanting in may they have begun to sprout.

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Fusarium seed piece decay is the possible cause of your Red Pontiac seed rotting. Red Pontiac is susceptible to most Potato Diseases. Try to find a more resistant variety when planting next time. Here are some recommendations to help decrease the chances of fungal growth.

1.Spread a layer of newspaper in a dry, well-ventilated location and spread the seed potatoes on top of it in a single layer. Leave 1/2 inch of space between the seed potatoes, since touching promotes fungus growth. If you cut the seed potatoes, ensure the cut portions face up for the best air flow. Leave the potatoes in this location for three to five days to allow them to dry out. Drying decreases the chances of fungus growth once the potato seeds are in the ground.

2. Examine the seed potatoes carefully and dispose of any that show signs of fungus growth on them. Fungus appears as light or dark brown spots, a fine dark green or black powder or watery depressions. Any cut areas of the potatoes should be creamy white to light tan, not gray or black in color.

3. Apply agricultural sulfur as a fungicide just before planting

4. If the soil temperature is less than 45 degrees F. do not cut seed, plant whole.