I never seen it before and its everywhere

Asked June 7, 2018, 1:33 PM EDT

I picked a bunch and handled it all night. i don't feel good and would like to know why there is nothing about what to do if handled. I mistaken it for queen ann lace. And im kind of confused on why it only covers animals and how to remove it but nothing on if you come in contact. im going to the clinic. I didn't eat it or handle the roots however my tummy hurts, my skin burns and my mouth tingles. Its everywhere between Talent and Ashland off valley view rd.

Jackson County Oregon

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Hi, please seek medical attention right away. The plant looks like poison hemlock which can cause contact dermatitis from handling without gloves. It can be fatal if eaten. If after touching it you are experiencing symptoms like stomach ache and mouth tingles, please see a medical professional and let them know you were in contact with this plant.

Do you know who i might talk to about posting signs along the road or fact sheets i can use to help prevent someone else from making the same mistake ?

Your local Soil and Water Conservation District and Cooperative Weed Management Area would be good contacts for learning more about weeds and helping educate others. Invasive plants can harm wildlife habitat, be toxic to livestock, and cause many other problems as well as sometimes posing a risk for people. CWMAs are a good place to get involved in reducing the spread of invasive plants.