Lawn Mushrooms

Asked June 7, 2018, 12:02 PM EDT

Does mowing lawn mushrooms and leaving all parts increase the problem? If so, how do I get rid of them? They are growing too fast and too plentifully to pick. Do you recommend a lime treatment? Thanks

New Castle County Delaware

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We have had a lot of mushrooms recently due to the excessive rains we have had. Mushrooms are natural decomposers in our landscapes and ecosystems. They are common in mulch and in areas where there have been trees taken down, or compost added to the soil. Their threadlike mycelium grows through mulch or soil, and then fruiting bodies such as mushrooms come up in times when there is plentiful water. You will not spread them by mowing. You can pick them, or rake lightly to break up the mushrooms, as they are over 95% water. Many fungi are found in association with the roots of certain trees. Mushrooms may come back seasonally until the log, mulch, or organic material under the turfgrass is decomposed.Lime probably will not help.

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