Rain on hay ready to put in winrows

Asked June 7, 2018, 11:27 AM EDT

This morning some light drizzle fell on the hay that was going to be baled today. The hay is still spread out and not yet put into rows. The forecast is for a beautiful dry sunny day today. Is this hay still good for forage? If so, for horses as well?

Linn County Oregon

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A light drizzle will not hurt the hay as long as it is dry when you do bale it. Here is a link to Haymaking on the Westside, a great publication for understanding issues -

Wet forage will rot on the ground if it does not dry properly. Also, rained on hay has nutrient losses through leaching. The forage can mold and be hazardous to livestock. And, wet hay bales can heat up and spontaneously combust. We occasionally get barn fires.