Rose Garden 101

Asked June 7, 2018, 10:47 AM EDT

I was wondering what is the best method to preventing weeds from forming in your rose garden? I have read articles that state to use newspaper, wet the newspaper, then cover with mulch. Some state to use Preen in the rose garden. I have dug holes that are 18 inches long 18 inches deep all about 10 feet away from each other with a total of 9 possible rose bushes. I have dumped water in each hole and made sure they drained properly. I have read to use top soil with a tiny amount of organic manure sprinkled on top, but not to touch the roots at all. I read to make an inverted cone of top soil and to put the bare root around it and tightly compact more top soil on top (no air pockets), but to leave three inches below ground level so in the winter the rose ball is not exposed to the harsh winter conditions. I was then told to use epson salt and rose food in a circle around each rose bush. But, I don't really know how much water to use? I was told to never water the rose bush so the plant would get wet like when it rains, but to only water from the bottom. Also, before I plant the bare root roses I had to make sure that they are Zone 4 (Rochester, MN) and that I soak the roots for 24 hours before I plant them and to immediately plant them afterwards. All of my double knockout roses died because I guess there Zone 5 now and the reason for this email is to make sure that I am doing all of the correct steps. Thank you for your time. Joshua

Olmsted County Minnesota

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It sounds like you are pretty well prepared you should be all set. Here is a link to info about growing roses so that you can compare. .