Herbicide drift on week old plants

Asked June 7, 2018, 8:42 AM EDT

My string bean plants were about a week old when they got hit with herbicide drift. Will that make the string beans non organic when beans form in two months?
Should I remove damaged leaves ?
Only two leaves have formed.

Steele County Minnesota herbicide damage string beans

3 Responses

Beans harvested from plants affected by herbicide drift will be non-organic.

Removing damaged leaves will delay and reduce the crop even if the plants survive. We recommend replanting. It's not too late, especially for bush beans.

Will the vegetables be harmful to eat?

We couldn't find definitive answer to your latest question. Following is an excerpt from a Purdue University bulletin:

"If you suspect herbicide injury, invigorate the tree or shrub with proper fertilizer and water. Such action may help the plant recover. When edible crops have received herbicide drift, the safety of eating these plants is questionable."

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