Potato leaves curling tight

Asked June 6, 2018, 8:30 PM EDT

Leaves on a number of potato plants are curled up tight. More on the upper part. I have attached photos. What is this? Something to be concerned about? This is on new ground. It was sprayed with roundup in the fall and later dug up the same fall. When planting this spring. I mixed in, from Menards, some steer manure and garden soil (compost). More of the curls are on red norlands, some on the kennebecs and Yukon golds.

Burleigh County North Dakota

3 Responses

This does look like herbicide damage on your potato leaves. Did you use the extended Rooundup - which lasts for a much longer time? Or did someone spray for dandelions or other weeds around you and the spray drifted over to your garden? I don't think I would eat these potatoes at all. Hope that helps you out.

I don't believe I used extended roundup. I believe it was the one time use. The garden is huge. 50x65. I see no damage on other plants in the garden. None whatsoever. That's why I question herbicide damage or extended roundup. It's just on the potatoes. Also, there is no spraying in the yard surrounding the garden. Never have done that on the farm. Could there be some spray drift from a field across the road? I don't know.

Has there ever been potato virus Y or potato leaf roll virus in your area? Those symptoms are mostly the same. Could you bring some leaves to your local extension office?