Boggy corner of yard

Asked June 6, 2018, 5:34 PM EDT

One corner of our yard is always underwater when we have heavy rain. We have original sycamore trees (tree trimmer once said they're probably about 100 years old) so the area is shady. We've had two gardening companies try, without success, to eliminate the problem. Can you suggest what we might do to get rid of this low area? Or let me know what to plant? A friend suggested Japanese iris, but the internet says they need sunlight.

Howard County Maryland

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You have the perfect spot for a rain garden. Rain gardens are filled with plants that love "wet feet."
Here are some super native plants that would look good for you:
Ferns, especially Ostrich fern
Shrubs: clethra/summersweet (flowers in summer, attracts butterflies)
Itea virginica/sweetspire (flowers, great fall color, mid-height)
ilex verticillata/winterberrry (covered with bright red berries in winter/birds)
Ninebark (flowers)
Native azaleas (highly fragrant and bloom later than the usual ones)
Pussy willow (this is a big plant)

Look at the online publication, Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: Chesapeake Bay Watershed". It has color photos and an easy chart with conditions for each plant, including Herbaceous Plants (flowers). You'll see plenty that like wet shade. Also, at the end are lists, including wetlands and bogs.

Also you can search 'rain gardens' on our website for more about this method of catching storm water--but you don't need to catch more! You have plenty already.

Have fun with this!