Soil killing plants

Asked June 6, 2018, 3:38 PM EDT

Hmmm I tried to send a message With pictures, but I don’t think that it ended up sending. Apologies if you’re receiving this message twice. Hello! I Purchased some soil from Kern landscaping this year that was meant to be planting ready a mixture of soil compost and composted manure. The manure are did seem to have a strong odor to it too strong to be composted already but I figured it was fine. However all the plants we put in the new soil are struggling and turning yellow well the plants in our other regular soil are doing just fine. Is it to nitrogen rich? What can we do to help the soil mix it with other regular topsoil? Is there another addition that would be more appropriate and useful? Since the photo seem to bother the message done before I’m not going to send any but do let me know when you contact me and I can try to my regular email if that would be helpful. Thank you so much! Nicole

Hennepin County Minnesota

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This seems to be an issue that you should take up with the vendor who sold you the soil/manure mixture. If the manure was not completely composted, it is possible that the mixture is burning the plants. This is why we always recommend composting manure for at least a year before using it.

If this is the problem, the soil should be composted this season and used next season. You could also try to cut the purchased soil with native soil to reduce the concentration of nitrogen.

If you return to the vendor, take with you photos of plants grown in their soil and plants grown in native soil.