Insect identification

Asked June 6, 2018, 3:19 PM EDT

There are a variety of insects on the bottom of this kale leaf in the attached photo. I would appreciate it if you could identify them. I am particularly interested in the red larval-looking insects because there are many more of them and they are focusing on my mustard greens (the kale has been relatively unscathed). I think they are aphids. The plants are growing under a thin row cover (I keep it on to deter cabbage butterflies and harlequin bugs). Thanks for your help.

Montgomery County Maryland vegetables aphids insect or spider id

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The red insects look like aphids. We also see that there are a lot of parasitized aphids (called "mummies") which is an indication that you have good beneficial insects (natural enemies) at work on the pests. A good sign! The black insects might be secondary, coming in to feed on honeydew produced by the aphid feeding.