Moss in my lawn

Asked June 6, 2018, 2:49 PM EDT

We moved into our house a little over a year ago and have started working on our landscaping more diligently. We have quite a bit of moss in our front yard, especially further away from the evergreens. It has full sun, and good drainage - it is actually over our drain field. The last photo is of our overall lawn with a “streak” present. I’m wondering what that is as well. We DID drop a large Ash tree there for a couple of days (maybe 4-5) during the peak of the heat. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help, Melani

Grand Traverse County Michigan moss in lawn

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Many times, moss growth is present because of acidic soil and/or low soil fertility. It would be advisable to check the pH and nutrient status of the soil by getting a soil test done. Soil test mailers are available through your county extension office. The dead patches in the lawn could have several causes- grubs can cause this type of injury so can several diseases. I can't tell what the cause is from the photo you supplied. to check for grubs, peel back a section and look for grubs. his article tells you how to identify different grubs.

and this article tells you about how to check for grubs and products to use if you find them:

if you don't find grubs, then I suggest you send in a sample to the diagnostic clinic on campus to have it checked for diseases. this link will walk you through how to take a sample, package it and send it in for testing: