Gardening in a spot where 3 50 foot Pines have been removed

Asked June 6, 2018, 2:00 PM EDT

Good afternoon! I lost 3 large pine trees during the March wind storm. Now that there is sun exposure, I would like to start a vegetable garden next to the site, and replace with a dogwood tree. I realize that the soil is very acidic. Do you have any recommendations for how to treat the soil and begin again? Thank you for any suggestions!

Howard County Maryland vegetables soil acidity soil test

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This sounds like a great plan!
The area is not necessarily over-acidic. The only way to really know what your site conditions are, and how to improve them is to have a soil test done. They are not expensive and do not take very long. It's worth it, because if you note that you want to make a vegetable garden there, the results will suggest how to improve your soil.

Here is our soil testing page that has all the info you need including how to take a sample, and a list of regional labs you can send it to for the analysis:

Were the roots ground out and the chips and sawdust removed? If there is a lot of fresh wood chips/material, it may be better to wait until next season until they age and break down a bit. As they break down, they can rob Nitrogen from the soil.

A raised bed is also a possibility.
Here is our vegetable page, which has a great deal of information to get you going:

By all means, know that we are here to help, each step of the way.