dying plants

Asked June 6, 2018, 1:42 PM EDT

I have recently planted some gerbera daisies in a pot and already they are beginning to die.what can I do to stop this from continuously happening, If I plant themin the ground or in pots this happeh all the time. Can they be checked for posioning me and my neighbor are at odds.

Baltimore Maryland

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Do the pots have a hole in the bottom to allow for drainage? Good drainage is essential for growing Gerberas. Excessive moisture can lead to root, stem, and crown disease in your plants. They need regular watering, but the crown of the plant (the point at which the leaves meet the soil) should be allowed to dry out between waterings so that it doesn't rot.
Gerberas like morning sunshine and some afternoon shade, sandy soil amended with organic matter (compost). If these growing conditions haven't been met, that might be what's contributing to the problem. The Missouri Botanic Garden has additional information about the conditions for growing Gerberas.


they were being over watered.Thanks for the info.I will be geting in touch with the Missouri botanical garden about other plant issues.