Too much manure in flower pot

Asked June 5, 2018, 4:29 PM EDT

I'm noticing that the edges of the leaves in my flower pot are turning brown and crisp, just like burnt. I am suspecting that it's from too fresh manure.. they look like they could still be saved, they're not too far gone. The soil I used was mixed with manure from our feed lot, I also used peat moss. What can I do?

Outside United States

1 Response

Thank you for contacting us. Since you seem fairly certain that the potting mix contains fresh manure, I suggest repotting your plant. Gently shake off (or tickle off) as much soil as possible without damaging the fine roots. Use a good potting soil but do not add any fertilizers or compost. Peat moss is not usually necessary with potting soil, but you may add a small amount if you feel it is needed.

Keep your plant out of direct sun while it is recovering. It should be watered well immediately after repotting; then water as needed when the top half-inch of the soil feels dry. (Use the finger test.)

For potted plants, use only fertilizers made for container plants and follow the directions carefully. Mature (well-rotted) compost can be added but only on the soil surface and only in small amounts (a half-inch or so.) With a bit of luck and TLC, your plant has a good chance of recovering.