Dermanyssus gallinae in Oregon

Asked June 4, 2018, 6:28 PM EDT

Hello, I have 5 chickens and I am wondering if they have Poultry Red Mite, because their egg laying has dropped off, and they have standing around with fluffed up feathers. I have developed a serious case of contact dermatitis, cause unknown, that fits all descriptions of red mite bites. Yesterday I tried cleaning out their pen and developed many more symptoms similar to red mite bites. I would like to know if these poultry red mites are in Oregon and how to treat them. Thanks a lot for writing me back.

Marion County Oregon poultry

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As you can see from this page, we do indeed have this mite here. The first step is always to completely clean our the nest boxes, floor, walls and roosts. My approach after that is to spray everything thoroughly with something like Pinesol. Be sure the poultry stays out during this phase. Dust and cobwebs can be loaded with ecto-parasites. My final step which may or may not be safe and feasible for you is to
flame all surfaces.
The link gives you the chemical controls to use. The birds must, of course, all be
treated before being allowed back inside. Having a dusting area with wood ashes seems to help a lot.