Insect holes on all peach tree fruit buds

Asked June 4, 2018, 2:31 PM EDT

Almost all the peach tree fruit buds have insect holes on them, and most of them have fallen down, how can I save the remaining from falling out and from the insects? Please see attached pictures.

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Only a fraction of the blossoms of a peach result in fruit. You only need about 10% for a full crop. There could have been damage in the budding stage, or feeding on the outside, but it doesn't look like holes. We don't think that is insect damage, but likely environmental, and minor.
If you don't thin fruits by hand yourself, the tree will do it for you by dropping excess.
Here is our page on thinning:

Here is our page on fruit, with more within each heading:


Thank you for the detailed response and the links.