I had to have my River Birch Tree trimmed this past weekend, June 3rd, 2018

Asked June 4, 2018, 10:36 AM EDT

Hello, my river birch tree had branches hanging down in the sidewalk area and on my porch, I had someone trim it back just to get those long branches off of the walkway and porch. Did I harm my tree by trimming it now? It is a mature tree, very large, probably about 25 years old. I couldn't afford to have a tree company trim my tree this past fall and now I had to do it for safety reasons. I sure hope I didn't harm it or cause it to get infected with insects. Thank you, Nancy

Stearns County Minnesota

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Unless you removed more than 25% of the tree branches, your tree should be fine. Some people prefer to trim river birches after they have leafed out because earlier can result in sap flowing out. There is a small risk that insects will attack the tree; so be on the lookout for insect damage. River birch continue to grow all summer so give it plenty of water and it should be able to heal.