non-blooming wild rose

Asked June 4, 2018, 9:39 AM EDT

Several years ago I purchased a wild rose plant from U of W. I now have a healthy, growing plant but no blooms. I live in Wisconsin. Is it my soil? Am I pruning at the wrong time of year? Did I get a sterile plant? Thanks Mary Ward

Milwaukee County Wisconsin

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Thank you for your question, Mary. Without seeing a photo of the plant, it is difficult to diagnose why it is not blooming. I don't know what your soil is like, when you prune, whether it is getting adequate sun, or how you fertilize it. It is unlikely you got a "sterile plant." Rather, it is probably an error in one of the above categories. Here is an article listing the care requirements for a successful rose. Perhaps you can read it and decide which of those are unmet in your garden. Hope it is helpful. Good luck!