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Asked June 4, 2018, 9:31 AM EDT

We seem to have a small family (3 animals including one youngster) of red foxes living in the woods at the edge of our backyard. Lately they have been very visible, and since last year have been tearing up our lawn as they hunt for the moles and voles tunneling there. Should we be trying to keep the foxes out? Are they a danger (obviously, should they become rabid, they are, but that is not the case). Also, if we should try to get them to stay away, how do we do that? Last year I put down Milky Spore, but I don't know how long that takes to work to get rid of the grubs (and therefore the moles and foxes). We are all for co-existing, even if the back yard resembles a battle field from the digging.

Prince George's County Maryland

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Good for you for trying to peacefully co-exist.
Foxes are beautiful animals that play a role in a healthy eco-system.
They are there because there must be good habitat and food available- usually small mammals like rabbits, mice, voles, etc.
We don't usually hear about digging problems for them. Have you actually seen them digging? They usually hunt by pouncing.
Skunks can dig cones and divits looking for soil invertibrates. It wouldn't be just grubs but worms as well, so even if you had an unusual number of grubs, it wouldn't matter. (Milky Spore isn't very effective.)

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Take a look at our Nuisance Wildlife publication here, which has a number to the Department of Natural Resource's hotline:

You might enjoy them while you have them... some think that as the coyote makes a comeback, it will displace the fox.