pine trees dying in upper Michigan

Asked June 4, 2018, 9:23 AM EDT

This spring we have had over 30 pine trees and a few cedar bushes that have died on our property most in the same area and most are smaller trees (1-3 feet in height). These trees showed no signs of disease or stress in the fall and nothing has changed on the topology. We also have a number of larger pines that have small sections of the tree that have died. I have attached pictures.

Mackinac County Michigan

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It is nearly impossible to come up with a diagnosis or reason why this is happening without direct observation of the plants involved. There has been some similar dieback and discoloration of conifers in the Traverse City area where I am stationed. As of yet, we have not figured it out. Some specialists at MSU think it is an odd sort of winter injury that occurred because of the relatively long, warm fall that kept plants from going completely dormant, followed by a sudden cold snap in December.