Apple Tree Help - bug issues

Asked June 3, 2018, 8:35 PM EDT

I have been fighting some bug that is scarring up my apples. I’ve been spraying with neem oil every year but I must either have the timing off or it’s just not working. One of my apple trees has 100% drop rate and I’ve never gotten apples from it. The other trees seem to hang on to the fruit but it’s pretty scarred up by the end of season. What should I do? See pictures. Thank you! Jaime

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Neem oil is insect repellent, which only works on some insects and only for a short time. The half moon marks on the apples are caused by plum curculio. It is a small beetle which lays its eggs on young fruit after bloom.
I generally recommend a tree fruit spray mix for home owners. This mix contains the insecticides Sevin and malathion and the fungicide captan. This material can only be used twice in the season.
Here is a link to a Home fruit spray schedule published by the University of Kentucky.