lyctid powderpost beetles

Asked June 3, 2018, 2:08 PM EDT

We discovered these bugs and piles of sawdust in a cabinet with a plywood floor. From web research, we believe they are lyctid powderpost beetles. They are about 1/4 inch long. A product name Bora-care (boric acid + boric salt) is available, but only in gallon size. It matches the description of what we need. Can you suggest anything like it? In smaller size? Photos follow.

Multnomah County Oregon

1 Response

It's challenging to identify lyctid, or other tiny beetles, with only images.

Even so, if they are powderpost beetles (as the very fine powdery frass suggests), the only useful insecticides are borates such as Tim-BorĀ® and Bora-CareĀ®. Neither is sold in small quantities. Another Ask an Expert response concerning this same issue suggested ordering on the Internet or contacting a specialty chemical supplier.

You might begin your search for local pest control companies which are familiar with treating these beetles. A phone survey could be very productive.

And Paramount Pest Control (Portland, OR) does fumigations and has a fumigation chamber. Phone 503-288-7375 or 800-452-7234.