brown spots

Asked June 3, 2018, 10:38 AM EDT

We have a Ranier Cherry Tree that has brown spots on the fruit. Last year it produced an abundance of cherries and they were fine but this year they have those brown spots on them. Can you give me some
pointers on a solution? Thank you

Trumbull County Ohio

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There are quite a few diseases of fruit trees that an owner must contend with. Your tree may be suffering from brown rot. This occurs in a warm wet Spring and
Summer and is a fungal disease. Or your problem with the fruit might be cherry fruit flies. They lay eggs under the skin of the fruit and the developing larvae will tunnel through the fruit, essentially ruining it. Here is an article on diseases also here is another article on cherry diseases . A fruit tree booklet #780 that can be ordered from the e-store to guide you with spray schedules and identification of fruit tree problems. The address is in the first article above. There is a fee involved. You should take some of the infected fruit to the Trumbull Extension office for an exact identification of the
problem and guidance on spraying, etc.