Japanese Maple health issues

Asked June 3, 2018, 9:40 AM EDT

I am concerned that my almost 20 year old Japanese Maple might have a fungus that may begin to kill the tree. I live outside Charlotte,NC as far as climate. I believe it’s had lichen on it before but can’t tell if that what this is or not. Please help I do t want to lose this tree.

Mecklenburg County North Carolina

1 Response

This does appear to me to be the beginning of some lichen growth on the trunk. In order to be certain, you can submit these images with some more information about the tree and your site to the NCSU Plant Disease and Insect Clinic. Follow the directions for "New Users" at the upper right of the page, below the picture banner. The horticulture staff at the Mecklenburg office would also be glad to help. Get in touch with them at mecklenburg.ces.ncsu.edu