Asked June 2, 2018, 11:28 PM EDT

I have bought a small aluminum framed plastic paneled greenhouse. I have started many new epi starts and am out of room in my house. If I shade the greenhouse will they be ok? Wonder if the temp will be too hot or too cold? I live in southern Oregon. Normally mild to moderate winter temps. Can be very hot in summer thanks

Jackson County Oregon

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I checked on the plant needs of orchard cacti (epiphyllum). They need temperatures over 50 degrees and over 60 degrees during the growing season. They need bright, but filtered light and high humidity.
I too live in Jackson County and have had a greenhouse for several years. One thing you are going to need is electricity to your greenhouse. I have found in winter months, without heat, my greenhouse is the ambient temperature of whatever it is outdoors. So expect on a 30 degree day, that your greenhouse will also be 30 degrees, too cold for the cacti. For heat I use a small electric heater with a thermostat and I use heat mats under my plants. I also use a remote thermometer so I can monitor the temperature. You may have to do that in order to set your thermostat above 50 degrees.
If you plan to use the greenhouse during the hot summer months, be prepared for it to be hotter than outside temperatures. In that case run a fan, open vents and the door, and use a shade cover that will let in some light, but keep the heat down.
I found a publication put out by the Oklahoma extension that addresses the options for heating and cooling a greenhouse. Scroll down to the Greenhouse Management section: http://factsheets.okstate.edu/documents/hla-6705-the-hobby-greenhouse-2/
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