Flowering Container Plants for a Balcony

Asked June 2, 2018, 8:08 PM EDT

Good evening, We live in an apartment which has a balcony that has varying amounts of sun and shade, depending on the time of day and the season. There is a railing from which we suspend three window boxes which currently contain geraniums. We also have a pot containing a bamboo stand and another pot containing a slow growth evergreen shrub. Can you suggest some possibilities for additional plantings in pots that will provide color from early spring to mid fall [or later]? Many thanks,

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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We are not sure if you mean annuals or perennials for the balcony railing or other containers for the area.
You will have to consider the site sun versus shade and height and width, the size of the containers, etc.
Annuals for sun - lantana, vinca, pennisetum rubrum-ornamental grass, portulaca, sedums, trailing vinca, marigolds, petunias, annual black eyed susan vine, hibiscus, mandevilla

Part sun/part shade - New Guinea impatiens, torenia, wax begonias, fuschia

It may be helpful to go to a large garden center or nursery and look for more choices and what is available. May be helpful to check out container books from the library.


Thank you, MH, for the information and suggestions. You definitely got the gray matter moving!