Chlorisis in cedar deodars

Asked June 2, 2018, 2:04 AM EDT

I have three cedar deodars that I planted in one of my beds this winter. One of them seems to be less healthy in color (more "yellow" is this chlorosis?), is this an iron deficiency? Can it return to a more healthy color of deodaras with fertilizer, i.e. 21-0-0, 16-16-16, or lime? I've googled a search and cannot find an answer. Doing a soil test would not make sense to me since I just planted the three, and the two others have that normal healthy color for cedar deodars. I would appreciate your help. Thank you. Steve

Lane County Oregon

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Generally yellowing is a nitrogen deficiency. For a quick and inexpensive test, I suggest mixing a water soluble fertilizer (such as Miracle Gro or Alaska All-Purpose) according to label directions and drenching over the top of the plant. Some will soak in through the foliage, and if it is a nitrogen deficiency, it will start to green up in the next week or two. What soaks in the soil will be taken up by the roots. If the plant doesn't begin to respond in a couple of weeks, then something else is going on, such as too much or too little water, for example. If that is the case, let me know and we'll continue to troubleshoot. The nitrogen likely will solve the problem. Spring is also the best time to add a granular fertilizer around the base of these trees to supply their nutrient needs as they put on new growth.