Pond algae

Asked June 2, 2018, 12:22 AM EDT

We have a thousand square foot pond which we use for irrigation. It grows exorbitant amount of filamentous algae. Do you have any eco-friendly advice on how to keep algae out of the pond? We do not have fish, we do not have aeration. Thank you Theresa 541-788-1016

Deschutes County Oregon

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Good morning,

Thanks for the question and the picture. Things to think about with ponds and algae:

The deeper the better, increase the slope of the banks to obtain depth as quickly as possible;

If possible allow water to flow through the pond, fresh water increases oxygen and helps keep the water from warming;

Sometimes planting vegetation on the southeast, south and/or south west side of the pond helps to shade the water surface and reduce the rate of warming in the water;

When algae becomes a problem, you can rake it out, or treat the water. There are several products that work well for algae control, are safe for drinking, swimming and plants. A product I like to recommend is called Cutrine +. It has no limitations on use immediately after using. It is safe for fish. You can find it at most farm supply stores.

When using any algaecide, always follow label directions. You will need to calculate how much water your pond holds. Since your pond doesn't have any fish in it, you can treat the entire pond in one treatment. You may have to retreat during the summer months if algae becomes a problem again.

I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.