Cherry Tree Insects

Asked June 1, 2018, 5:42 PM EDT

My Montmorency cherry tree will get tiny black bugs on the leaves and the leaves turn shiny from them. Then, I think that they bore into the cherry, because there's larvae in the cherries when they are ripe. What can I do? And when? Thank you

Denver County Colorado

1 Response

There is an aphid that bothers sour cherry trees that produces a lot of "honeydew" which would make the leaves appear shiny. There is another insect pest called the Cherry Curculio that inserts its eggs into developing fruit. It looks like a weevil - it has a snout.

Without knowing which exact pest(s) are bothering your tree, it is impossible to suggest a control. Send us a photo of the shiny leaves, top, bottom and stem. If your have aphids, they will be massed around the leaf stem. For the curculio, spread a light-colored sheet under your tree and shake the branches to knock off the insect onto the sheet, then send us a photo.