Plantings between woods or grassy field and lawn

Asked June 1, 2018, 4:38 PM EDT

What plantings will prevent or minimize weeds and wild plants from encroaching onto the lawn? Criteria: low maintenance, looks nice, perennial, won't spread or spreads slowly, dense cover New development of town homes is surrounded by woods (conservation easement) behind the east side of buildings. Most woods are in shade for half of the day. some lawn areas are in sun and border on a field newly created during development and now covered with grasses and wild plants. Soil varies from sand to heavy clay. Lawn is irrigated. The lawn edge goes up to woods and field. In one area there is a 3 foot wide strip left without sod. It now is filled with weeds and wild plants. Is it necessary to pull out the roots of these plants before we plant others? I will send pics in another submission.

Dakota County Minnesota

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Thank you for the question. I have a few questions for you that will help us answer the question.
1. Are there rules from the association or conservation district that dictate what can be planted near the woods?
2. If any plant is allowed, is it needed for the 3 foot wide strip you reference?
3. If so, what is the soil type and light exposure for that strip?
4. How far does this 3 foot strip extend in length?

Yes, you will have to remove weeds and roots in order to plant something new. Like anything else, preparation is key.