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Asked June 1, 2018, 1:48 PM EDT

I have two questions. I would like to plant two pear trees in my yard. I would like one to be a Bartlett. What other one would pair well with that. Also, what is the maximum distance that could be between the two trees ? Thank you

Douglas County Oregon

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Cross-pollination is necessary! Plant at least two varieties that are compatible for pollination and that bloom at the same time. Almost any pear will work as a pollinizer of any other pear; however, Bartlett is a poor pollinizer of Seckel. Pear trees grow best in deep, finely textured soil with good drainage, such as silt loams or clay loams. Pears do not thrive in gravelly soil. Bartlett trees can be planted as close together as 15 feet. Most other standard pears will need 20- to 25-foot spacing and will grow as tall. A pear on a dwarfing rootstock will require about 15 square feet if allowed to keep its natural shape, but with proper training methods it will grow flat against a fence or wall in very little space.

Here are some favorite varieties for Oregon gardens and good pollinizers for Bartlett:

D'Anjou, also called Beurre D'Anjou, was introduced to the United States from France in 1844. It is a high-quality winter dessert pear.

Bosc, also called Beurre Bosc, comes from a chance seedling found in Belgium in 1807. A fine-flavored dessert variety, it has russetted skin.

Comice originated near Angiers, France, around 1840. This variety is grown in the Medford, Oregon, area as a specialty gift-box pear. It is one of the finest for eating and drying but is not recommended for canning.

I have attached a publication you may find useful.

Hope this helps!