Moles (or voles)--how do I get rid of them?

Asked June 1, 2018, 10:32 AM EDT

My Bethesda lawn and plant areas have been under seige for over five years. Adjacent to a county culvert that is always wet, the creatures (which I have never seen) have a permanent source of water. The trails they leave seem large enough to be moles, rather than voles, but I really have no clue which they are. Castor oil repellents have done nothing, nor have fake poisonous grubs. Our grass has gone to weed because of the wreckage their trails have caused, so how is it that they have a sufficient food (grubs) source? I am unable to go out every morning (as suggested on internet sites) to set traps in their trails, and the pest control companies do not want to deal with this problem. Suggestions?

Montgomery County Maryland wildlife pest control

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Trapping is the most effective control method for moles. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources recommends trapping as well. There are a variety of trap types that can be purchased. Proper trap placement in active surface runways is required, and it can take patience and persistence to get the problem under control. You can find more information about dealing with moles in our "Dealing With Nuisance Wildlife" publication.