Earliest ripening figs for Baldwin, MD area

Asked June 1, 2018, 9:55 AM EDT

Hi I have two different species of fig bushes. You graciously answered a plethora of questions I recently submitted about these. I would like to know what species of figs would ripen the earliest and hopefully survive a Maryland winter. The fig bushes I currently have ripen late and I lose most of the fruit as they don't ripen before the first frosts. I live in Baldwin, MD (zip 21013). Do you have any suggestions? I'm thinking IF there is a species that ripens earlier that would help, but it would also need to withstand Maryland winters. I'm ok with having to do some type of protection for the winter if necessary. I would need to know details of how, what, when to protect the fig bushes over the winter. Thank you. I am truly appreciative of this service and your willingness to share your expertise and time. Lisa

Baltimore County Maryland

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Celeste, Brown Turkey, and Hardy Chicago are three types of figs we recommended for their cold hardiness. We do not have information on which types of figs would be the earliest to ripen. Some fig varieties set more than one crop, commonly called the “breba” (fruit on last year’s growth) and “main crop” (fruit on current year’s growth). Hardy Chicago and Brown Turkey are types that produce a breba crop.