Norway Maple No Leaves

Asked June 1, 2018, 9:53 AM EDT

Hello Expert, I have a 25 year old Norway Maple in my backyard, in the city of Wabasha, it seems to have stopped development of seeds and there is little to no sign of leaf buds. The seeds have stayed tiny for at least a week. Not a single leaf has emerged. The twigs are still green under the bark. Last year it took longer to leaf out but not like this. I also remember it dropping its leaves early the last few years. I have done some limb pruning in the past to lessen its density. I was mindful of not removing too much at one time. The last pruning was probably 4 years ago. Overall the tree looks dead! I have included two images. Any insights? Thank you for your help. Keith O

Wabasha County Minnesota

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The tree is not dead. There is green growth in your photos. However, it is clearly struggling. I can't tell you why based on two photos. You might want to have a certified arborist look at it:

In the meantime, read here about "shade tree decline":

Things to consider: recent construction nearby, accumulated salt injury from road salt, mechanical damage such as from mowers, flooding, repeated defoliation from insects, and so on.