Asked June 1, 2018, 9:51 AM EDT

Is Ivermectin safe? Does it work for scaly leg mites, regular mites, lice and internal parasites? I read using an eye dropper to administer on the chickens necks is the best way?

Windham County Connecticut

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This is a difficult question. Ivermectin products probably do work against most, if not all, of these parasites.

I don't believe any of these products are labeled for use in poultry, however, so I can't really recommend them. If you are selling the birds for meat, or selling their eggs, I can't suggest using these products. If they are only for your personal use, I guess you'd have to make your own judgment.

Sorry I can't give more of a recommendation, but any use is in poultry is considered off-label, as far as I know.