Can you identify this spider is it a brown recluse

Asked June 1, 2018, 12:01 AM EDT

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Outside United States

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Dear Client,

This is certainly a large spider, but it is NOT a brown recluse. The dorsal view of the spider's thorax and abdomen does not match with that species of spider. Furthermore, the brown recluse is not normally found as far north or northwest as any Canadian Province.

Unfortunately, I cannot identify the spider family from the digital images provided. I cannot see the eye orientation, tarsal claws, the mandibles or any abdominal features. It appears to be a big spider, but I can't gage the size from the image. Please note that second pair of legs appear longer than the other legs which would place the spider in one of the crab spider families including the Family Philodromidae or the Running Crab Spiders which this spider does resemble.

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Hope this helps!