Calculating size of water tanks needed for livestock and barn

Asked May 31, 2018, 4:47 PM EDT

We are trying to calculate the size of water tanks we will need for supplying a barn and watering for a horse, I CAL, a couple of sheep, a few goats, and a couple of pigs. The barn amenities would include a horse wash that would be used infrequently, and personal use such as washing hands and using a toilet. Is there a way to calculate how much water storage we should use? We will be supplying this with a 16 gallon a minute well that has a large reserve.

Jackson County Oregon

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I don't know that there's a tool to easily calculate the volume of water storage needed for your barn. You might have to do some calculating of your own or enlist the help of a plumber. Here are two resources on daily water requirements for different classes of livestock: and You could add up what you think peak hourly demand might be (livestock + bathroom + horse wash) and compare that to the flow rate from the well. Storage may be more important if the livestock water is provided on demand rather than stored in a large trough, where the trough could serve as a reservoir and reduce demand on the well.

Good luck and happy calculating.