Invasive aquatic plants

Asked May 31, 2018, 4:24 PM EDT

We have plants growing on our beach that look like bamboo.. strong root system... I found knotweed in our yard... the aquatic plants don’t have any leaves.. I would love to send you a picture kelly 219-616-8993

Iosco County Michigan

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It's tough to tell from the pictures whether this is a common beach grass or an invasive. Are there any areas where the plant is growing so you could send me a picture of the top? Then we can narrow in on what this is. Below is a web site with more info about invasive species the most common of which is Phragmites (Common Reed Grass). Note that this grows from 6-13 ft. tall so you should see stands that are easily recognizable.,5664,7-324-68002_71240_73849---,00.html

There are many native aquatic grasses that will spread via underground rhizomes (underground roots) so a picture of the growing part would be helpful.

As for the the Japanese Knotweed you found in your yard, this is a challenging invasive to eradicate. As the article below indicates, with a multi-pronged, long-term approach, you can have success.
Hope that helps!